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In addition to the electrical contracting side of the business the aim was to provide bespoke training for specific industry customers. Paul had taught part-time at the local college and in industry since 1968, when in 1997 the college stopped many of the courses Paul had been teaching, we set up a City & Guilds Approved Centre providing Education and Training courses for the Electrical Industry.

We had after all provided contracting, design, training and development solutions to individual and public sector companies since 1985 when P & R Hurt Electrical and Mechanical Services was first established.

We gradually developed the Education & Training Division and by working with City & Guilds gained full approval to run courses, assessment and examinations for Wiring Regulations BS7671, Inspection and Testing, both Initial and Periodic (Electrical Condition Reporting), PAT Testing (In-Service Inspection And Testing Of Electrical Equipment), and Electrical Installation Design, over time we have worked with other Awarding Bodies and became a fully approved EAL and CompEx (Hazardous Areas) provider, for whom we have developed two sets of CompEx Units Ex07&Ex08 (Filling Stations) and Ex09&Ex10 (Water Industry Training), we also provide specialist training designed specifically for individual companies.

We are the ONLY CompEx centre in the world to offer ALL 10 of the Practitioner units plus the refresher units and the Foundation Unit:

  • EX01, EX02, EX03, EX04; Gas & Vapour i.e. Oil extraction, refining, terminal & industrial
  • EX05, EX06; Dust i.e. Organic Materials such as Flour, Sugar, and Metals
  • EX07, EX08; Fuel storage and dispensing
  • EX09, EX10; Water Industry: Waste and sewerage treatment, potable water production
  • EX07R – EX08R Refresher
  • EX01R – EX04R Refresher
  • ExF Foundation

The CompEx Scheme is the recognised global scheme for the protection of oil, gas and chemical workers in both offshore and onshore activities. The scheme assesses the competency of employees and contract staff who are working in environments with the potential risk of explosive atmospheres.

CompEx is the only Certification Body that offers UKAS accredited certification for personnel who work in explosive atmospheres. This certification validates the core competency of practitioners working in explosive atmospheres.

We own and operate the AM2 Skills Assessment Centre for Somerset and the surrounding counties. This is run as an independent operation in a separate building housing the PRH Assessment Centre and managed by Chris Fry who has many years of experience in the education and assessment sector of the electrical industry.

It is our experience and understanding of the electrotechnical market, our awareness of the challenges of new technology, regulations and the law which the industry has to face that ensures we are continually developing our services to industry.

We are small, but some of the courses that we have conceived and designed are now used nationally and learners enjoy our courses.

Initially our courses were aimed locally, over the years this has expanded we now attract learners from all over the UK including Scotland, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Greece, Northern and Southern Ireland and beyond. We still attract individuals and small firms but also major national names.

Apprentice training detail

After setting up our new training centre JTL approached us to run the final year for a cohort of C&G2360 Year 3 local apprentices who were unable to complete at their previous learning provider which we did enabling the group to complete in August 1999. We currently have 84 apprentices in training.

Competency assurance

P & R Hurt recognises that competence assurance of personnel within industry is key to reducing risk, providing a safe working environment, and identifying training requirements. To this end, P & R Hurt has been proactive in providing competence assurance consultancy services to various clients in the industry such as:

  • Organisational Design
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Management
  • Total Competence Design and Implementation Packages

Future Challenges

We see a raft of learning and training needs as this country moves forward into the future with the need for but not limited to Environmental, ATEX and DSEAR training.

Increasingly there will be a need for bespoke training for:-

  • Specialist Explosive Atmosphere situations
  • Alternative energy requirements and ‘Green Issues’ need new and differing skill and training requirements
  • Private biogas production, combined heat and power plants, wind and water turbines, photo voltaic arrays, battery storage and inverters

All of which we are developing or have in place; following a request for bespoke training we are able to bring this in on a very short time frame and have gained national acceptance of our training in general, and industry specific schemes in particular.

We see the need to treat each learner as an individual; going out of our way to provide both individuals and companies with exactly what training they need, tailoring the course to exactly meet their requirements. Many of these courses are practical; learners who need more time to practice should be able to do so. Members of staff are always available to guide, assist or mentor individuals.

Qualified electricians will still need to gain additional qualifications to enable them to demonstrate competence. Increasingly they will come from a wider range of backgrounds and ages. Their ultimate measure of success is a comprehensive understanding of the principles, and practice plus achieving new industry standard qualifications.

Traditional training for this industry has been fragmented and without direction. This, coupled with a lack of formal assessment, has led to a mechanistic approach to training in general.

What is needed is a means of changing what has become custom and practice by significantly improving the acquisition of skills, and the underpinning knowledge that ensures bad practice can be eradicated. What we provide is customised learning for companies and individuals so learners receive relevant training that leads to measurable success.

New challenges exist to provide a complete range of courses from apprentice through to installation inspection and testing, designer, qualified supervisors and owner managers. We have a good combination of excellent staff who have all pulled together to develop training, they all share the ideals that underpin success, treating each learner as an individual, caring about their success and helping them if they experience failure, treating learners, as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

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