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We have provided consultation, design, development solutions to individual and public sector companies since 1985 when P & R Hurt, Electrical and Mechanical Services was first established. It is our experience and understanding of the Electrotechnical market, our awareness of the challenges of new technology, regulations and the law that the industry has to face that ensures we are continually developing our services to industry.

We carry out consultation, surveys, inspections and designs for installations plus equipment surveys and assessments for many well-known companies and organisations. We have worked with manufacturers of specialized equipment assisting with new product development / compliance with British & European Standards, Aviation Ground Equipment (Product development / compliance with AP’s, British & European Standards, writing AP’s, Manuals), product consultation, product appraisal, assessment and testing. PRH provide DSEAR compliance for production and manufacturing, risk assessment of process and the production of the EPD.

Aircraft Manufacturers: Transmissions and Aircraft Divisions, both maintenance and aircraft loom production. Fuel Test Facilities, Avtur and Avgas, consultation for aircraft ground support rigs.

Civil Airfields relating to DSEAR compliance for AVTUR (Aviation Turbine Fuel), AVGAS (Aviation Piston Engine Fuel) storage, dispensing and handling.

Fuel Storage, distribution and retailing: Storage dispensing and the use of Petrol, LPG, CNG, as fuels for motoring and stationary purposes. Consultation and specialist ATEX and DSEAR compliance at Oil Terminals.

Lightning protection, explosive atmospheres / locations, petroleum / ammunition storage.

Facilities Management: Installation design, power, lighting, data and telecoms, fire alarm and emergency lighting, security, surveillance, for new buildings and redevelopment.

Water Utility Companies throughout UK and Civils Companies who contract to the water companies on framework agreements. ATEX/DSEAR & Hazardous Area staff development and competence assessment. Handling methanol to accelerate the biodegradation of excess nitrogen. Biogas production and utilisation in heating and CHP plants. Clean water treatment by the same companies involving chlorine, OSEC (On Site Electro Chlorination) plants as well as the H2S risks on such sites, Methanol Plant.

Drinks, Pharmaceutical, Flavourings and Perfume Manufacturers: DSEAR and ATEX compliance for manufacture, production, storage and management, staff training including bespoke in-house and relevant CompEx Units.

Pyrotechnics Manufacturers: Providing hazardous area technical services, ATEX and DSEAR inspections, and compliance.

Nuclear: PRH have provided ATEX and DSEAR compliance (with particular reference to Hydrogen)

Paul Hurt, January 2020

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