Electrical Training Courses
The P&R Hurt Training courses range from electrical design to earth electrode testing, CompEx Courses Ex01 to Ex10, Inpecting & Testing, Electrical Apprentiships through to PAT testing.
Electrical Training Courses
Our services include electrical contracting, education, training, consultation and calibration.
Electrical Training Courses
Learn about the key people in the history of electricity from Michael Faraday to Alessandro Volta to Nikola Tesla.
Electrical Training Courses
To find out more about P&R Hurt Training and our courses and services give us a call on 01935 475850 or 01935 471835.

Electrical Education And Training

The electrical and mechanical services arm of the company was conceived by Paul and Rita Hurt in 1985. Over the years this has expanded into other areas. 25 years ago we set up our own education and training centre and this along with our contracting business has grown on a footing of quality to this very day.

We offer our clients the very best solution to either their electrical installation or education and training needs. Having talented staff working in both sectors of the industry gives us the edge our competitors lack. Our local, national and multinational clients put their trust in us. Trust in the fact that you can do the same. Latest news on Facebook.

Electrical And Mechanical Services Yeovil
About The Team All our teaching staff are not only qualified to teach in this sector, but are also fully qualified, and more importantly they are practicing electricians as well. This means we bring an immediacy to the class room environment which is unparalleled.
“As a supplier P&R Hurt have been the perfect business partner. I can’t recommend them too highly – absolutely first class in every way.”
Gavin Thurston
“Excellent training facilities. It’s a refreshing change to go on a training course and meet like minded professional people.”
Steve Rugg
“What a fantastic place to gain more qualifications. The way they teach is a breath of fresh air and the help you receive is second to none.”
Simon Braid