Electrical Contracting


We have provided contracting, design, training and development solutions to individual and public sector companies since 1985 when P & R Hurt Electrical and Mechanical Services was first established.

We are located in Yeovil on the Pen Mill Trading Estate.

It is our experience and understanding of the electro-technical market, our awareness of the challenges of new technology, regulations and the law that the industry has to face which ensures we are continually developing our services to the construction industry.

P & R Hurt provides Electrical and Mechanical Services for Commercial, Industrial, Hazardous Areas and Domestic.

As contractors we carry out a wide range of work including Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic, we specialise in carrying out work including complete rewires of listed buildings including churches, hazardous areas, motor vehicle, and lorry workshops, airfields and aircraft production, maintenance, fuel storage and refuelling.

Types of work carried out (hazardous area work)

  • Aircraft Manufacturing, Refuelling and Hazardous Areas within manufacturing
  • Aircraft Refuelling, various Commercial Airfields
  • Hazardous area Compliance with ATEX & DSEAR
  • Water Treatment Companies
  • Petrol Filling Stations, Private and Commercial Refuelling
  • Oil and Gas Distribution Terminals
  • Perfume, Flavourings, Drinks, Cereals, Paint, and Body Filler Production
  • Spray Booths, Shot and Media Blast Areas/Booths
  • Manufacture of conventional and advanced energetic material production
  • Site distribution and supply
  • Testing buildings plant and equipment in hazardous areas

General contracting

Churches and Chapels: Complete rewires, outside illumination, new Interior heating, lighting and power.

Farms: Full agricultural installations on many farms including main distribution, sub-main underground installations up to 4 core SWA 120mm², Stand-by-Generators up to 150kva. Full environmental monitoring and control systems including telemetry and auto dialling and reporting of healthy/failure conditions, automated feeding systems, cheese production, farm shops etc.

Industrial Manufacturing Customers: Maintenance, reactive repairs and installations including main distribution, sub-main underground installations up to 4 core SWA 185mm², Stand-by-Generators up to 500kva. UPS and other battery systems. BMS environmental monitoring and control systems. Mobile and Transportable units and Trailers electrical installations in mobile health screening units, avionics telemetry units.

Testing of Telephone Exchanges including generators, DC Systems rectifier sets (PER’s), Battery systems. General installations within the exchanges, specialised systems within the exchange areas including MIDP’s (Mains Isolation Distribution Points using IT Supply system).

Country House Work: We carryout work on a number of Listed Buildings of architectural significance some of which are Grade 1 Listed. This work varies from day to day maintenance to full rewires. Utilising MICC (Mineral Insulated Copper Covered) cables, employing techniques and practices that would have been used when electricity was first installed in such buildings

DATA and CCTV: We install CCTV Systems for business intelligence and safety management, monitoring production processes, animals in cubical yards and veterinary practices post operation. Our HD CCTV systems enable our customers to capture the smallest of detail.

Data cable installations are important for businesses, as they can be required for a number of reasons, including PC’s/Servers, BMS systems/Access Control/Wi-Fi Access Points, CCTV or analogue or digital phone systems.

We carry out Data Installations to meet all IT requirements, from Cabling Voice, Fibre, Cat5e and Cat6 to active equipment such as Hubs, Switches, Routers and Telephone Systems.

A structured cabling system provides a universal platform for an overall IT installation that can support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems, regardless of their manufacture. A cabling system is only as good as its design, and installation; areas in which we have considerable experience and expertise.

IP networking video recording management system installation

CCTV IP network transmission is a fast growing area with images and signals being transmitted to the wider world, many products now send images via telephone (dial-up, ISDN & Broadband, and both private and public networks), the Internet, Ethernet based computer networks and even wireless mediums.

The benefits of the new flexibility in transmission systems mean you can choose where to view the image, and from your preferred device or devices (Smartphone, Skype, Laptop, iPad).

We can provide a Structured Network separate from your main IP Network, for the dedicated operation of your IP Network Video System.

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